Sunday, October 11, 2009

Join Zahi Hawass Inside the Mysterious Tunnel in the Tomb of Seti I

For the last two years, Zahi Hawass has led an all-Egyptian team that is excavating and restoring the mysterious tunnel leading from the burial chamber of King Seti I deep into the Theban cliffs. No explorer has ever reached its end. The reason for the tunnel's existence is unknown, but Hawass is determined to uncover its mysteries.

As the excavation proceeds, engineers are shoring up the fragile walls and ceiling of the tunnel and adding a wooden stairway that allows the team to move about more easily inside. This work is challenging and dangerous, but it is essential to the preservation of the tomb of Seti I, KV17, widely considered one of the most beautiful in the Valley of the Kings.
You can watch the video in high quality by pressing the 'HQ' button or on YouTube.

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